What We Do


Hire us to perform at your convention, party, concert, reception or event.


You can also check out our Jeremiah Productions concert schedule for this season. 

Private Voice Lessons

Private voice lessons include vocal technique, interpretive skills, and repertoire development. 


Call 503-691-8505 for more information or book a lesson. 

Master Classes & Workshops

Experience "in the moment" focus when you sing. Embrace your inner star, breathe into the emotional voice of the music and text and strengthen vocal technique, diction and interpretive skills.

Life Coaching

Do you want to step into your own personal power? Would you like to learn more about “in the moment” focus, how to shift your vibrational state, and connect with your inner spirit and heart energy? Talk with us.

Online Media

5 Minute Masteclass is a vodcast for singers & speakers. We will be answering your questions about life, singing, speaking, self realization and lots more. Typical subjects deal with stage fright, memorization techniques, and how to have more fun on stage.

Crossover Musicians

Tel: 503.925.1794

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